#Pietà // All our leaders

On December the 1st, the National Holiday of Romania, the streets were full of people.

ⒸDaliana Iacobescu

They were expecting a military parade, orchestra, and maybe some snow.

The parade was over and the crowd was already dispersing when we arrived.



Nobody had expected to see this in the middle of the street.

The air is pretty tense, as the general public is fed up with the people in charge of things. Protests have been a weekly thing for almost a year.

“You should not give bombs to idiots” (Rom. bou=ox, idiot) Said one of the participants. Others went religious, and called it demonic, while others obscene.

Many were taking pictures, almost all the children loved it.


It was part of a plan to bring it to Misc. for an exhibition later that night.

I have personally never seen a military parade before, but I find it strange that parents would bring their children to see some armored vehicles. These were designed for war.

Today’s weapons have dwarved the mini nuke I have tried to replicate.

Let’s hope we are not led by idiots.

Pietà // All our leaders 2017


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