My name is André Walya. I am 24 years old, and am currently living in Timisoara, Romania. In the past five years I have been traveling around Europe, partly on university grants and partly out of my own free will, and have gathered vast amounts of information regarding personal habits, ways of living and what makes people tick. I have witnessed how the cultural background affects our daily lives in so many ways, from the way a household is organized to our daily routine, it is the small details that make us feel at home.

Ever since I was a child, I have been passionate about the organization of space, and how objects can be put in a favourable light by comparison to others. Part of my formal education is represented by the Vienna University of Technology, bachelor Architecture, which I have not graduated out of personal reasons, but has brought me important practical knowledge in the fields of descriptive geometry and artistic drawing as well as an introduction to ArchiCad. Since then I have taken my own path and went on studying acting as another means of defining space and time. It is here that I learned analyzing household items in different ways: for example the same wooden table could take several uses during one play, from the average dinner furniture, to a frame for building a shed (the possibililies are endless). Weight, size and form define an object, but it is you who determines the function.

In parallel with my education, I have been creating objects out of recycled materials, or better said, I have been repurposing trash. These range from cupboards,  to statues, to paintings, a chandelier and the list goes on. I have been creating them with the purpose of making the viewer rethink everyday assets: for example, a coffee table made out of old wooden windows.