#3 Baby Jesus v.2.0

Io sono Maria, e questo e Baby Jesus.

How are you? Yes.

Welcome to the party. Have some candy.

Hey, take some candy.

ARTificial 2016


Please, come closer.

Are you warm?

I love you honey. Ciao!

ARTificial 2016

How dare you take my candy?

Don’t do that again!

ARTificial 2016

Listen, you seen nice. Now leave!

ARTificial 2016

Do you have an invitation?

Give me your card.

ARTificial 2016

Why have you come?

You have a lot of nerve to take candy from a baby.

#1 VENU$

This started out as a simple mannequin top I found one night at a construction site. Originally I had wanted to use it as a support for sewing clothing, but soon changed my mind.  I came across some legs which went perfect with the rest and decided to make something between a peacock and a human. The collar is an old lamp I took from an attic. An LED light bulb lights up the back and the eyes. I painted it and took her for a walk on my skateboard. It quickly started turning heads, and people complimented her on being sassy. I called her Venu$.

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My name is André Walya. I make artistic objects out of trash and repurpose them. The stuff I find everyday thrown out on the streets is the primary ingredient for any of my new projects. I believe that the world today needs to rethink their concept of waste, rather than blindly following the consumerism flow. My main objective is to prove that anything can be restored with care and persistence.

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